Health Data Layers for the USA

Health Layers for the USA

Layers include:

Cancer Rates by county (1970-1994)

Mortality rates by county (1988-1992)

Reproductive Health: Infant Health - Preterm Delivery (1995-1999)

Reproductive Health: Live Births (Fertility), 1995-1999

Reproductive Health: Fetal and Infant Mortality (1995-1999)

Reproductive Health: Maternal Risks - Smoking (1995-1999)

Provided in GIS Shapefile format.  Based on government sources and statistics.  

Base data for reference also included which includes

Also includes QGIS Windows GIS which allows for viewing, analysis, and printing of the above layers.  Includes open source code.



Data Download without GIS Software



Providing Web Mapping and GIS Services


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